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5 Best Instant Healthy Dishes to Carry While Traveling

Best Instant Healthy Dishes

Traveling has become an inevitable part of everybody’s life. Some travel for work, some travel for pleasure, some travel for change. Traveling includes two sub-categories. One is short traveling where you will be returning the same day or staying out for a night and the second category is long travels where you are out of …

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Tasty Mutton Nihari Recipe That You Can Make At Home Easy

Tasty Mutton Nihari Recipe That You Can Make At Home Easy

For the meat lovers, Mutton Nihari Gosht is a treat to the taste buds. The warm and delightful spices makes a luxurious stew which is hard to resist. And with the winter coming soon, nothing can beat a lavish platter of Mutton Nihari served with delectable rice. With a gorgeous hue of the rich gravy …

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Why Kolkata City is Best for Phuchka [Facts]

Kolkata City is Best for Phuchka

Hangover!!! What is ‘Phuchka‘??? This question is like asking a girl madly in love, ‘What does your beloved mean to you’?? Welcome to the City of Joy… Phuchka has a special place in the hearts of all Bengalis around the world and no matter wherever you are, this ‘word’ makes you homesick! The English word …

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How Much Cholesterol In One Egg? Are Eggs Bad for Your Cholesterol?

How Much Cholesterol In One Egg

How Much Cholesterol in One Egg? Usually, the cholesterol is bad for human health. Because of the egg is in our daily menu always, surely you like to know how much Cholesterol present In One Egg! One 50gm weighted boiled chicken egg carry 186.5mg cholesterol. The white part of an egg is a raw protein …

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