A Few Awesome Ways to Honor Your Pet After They’ve Passed

Ways to Honor Your Pet

One of the toughest things about losing a pet is coming to terms with the idea that he or she won’t be at home to greet you anymore. Grieving and letting go of your pet companion can take a while and grieving has different stages. For those looking for ways to remember and honor pets after they’ve passed away, check out this article which collects some creative ways to do just that!

Different Ways to Honor Pets After They’ve Passed

Every owner has their own way to deal with the loss of their beloved pet. Even when dogs and cats decide to hurry up their own life because of illness, they deserve the same honor every other animal does when they pass away. For some, ritualizing is what works best. To others, it might be cremation or burial in the backyard. There are many ways to honor your pet once they have passed. Some people find that planting a tree is an easy way to commemorate their pet’s life because of how symbolic it is. Others say that honoring your pet with a compilation of photos in either a small drawing or an album on the wall will help them remember their pet. There are also emotional memories that may provide comfort, such as the thoughts and feelings you shared about them while they were still alive.

Honoring and mourning your pet’s demise with a bouquet of flowers can be a heartfelt way to pay tribute to their memory. Whether it’s a single rose or a beautifully arranged assortment of their favorite blooms, the gesture symbolizes the love and bond shared between pet and owner. You can check a website to get your pet’s favorite blooms and place them by their side before the burial for a peaceful and serene final resting place.

Cremation Ashes

Cremation ashes represent all the love you felt for your pet. They are a small, eternal reminder of your best friend. The cremation remains might be put to rest alongside the owner in a pet cemetery plot, buried under a favorite tree, or even scattered on an ancestral plot. In some customs, cremated ash is scattered over water – this allows the ashes to end up back in the natural world from which our pets came. If you choose cremation, another option is to place them in pet urns. This way, your pet’s ashes can be at home, until they find a permanent home in your yard or garden.

Pet Memorials

Families can make a pet a part of the everyday through these ways: 

– Create a garden on their property with a grave marker.

– Keep some mementos of your pet where they will be seen and used often 

– Plant an apple or cherry tree with your pet’s name on it 

– Leave out food and water for stray animals to honor them 

Other Awesome Ways to Mourn Your Pet

You can also do something very simple like creating a personalized stone. Dogs and cats both love to be scratched under their chin and on the top of their head. If you invest in a burial plot and bury your pet there, they will appreciate it because they will know that you touched their favorite place – namely, their homeland – even after they’ve passed away. With the passing of someone we love, we often find ourselves experiencing a myriad of emotions. While grief may feel all consuming and compelling, it’s important to honor and celebrate their life and love with heartfelt rituals that help everyone heal. I’ve listed some pairs: share stories with friends and family, plant flowers in the shape of their favorite animal, get reminders tattooed of your pet on yourself, share quotes of wisdom from your pet with others who could benefit from hearing them.


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