Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

A lot goes into a personal injury claim, from gathering information at the accident scene to filing the proper paperwork. Making mistakes in these areas can derail your claim and negatively impact the compensation you deserve.

Failing to seek medical attention is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. You must do so, even if your injuries seem minor at first.

Failing to Seek Medical Attention

Whether you slipped and fell at work or were involved in a car accident, the first step after an injury should be to see a medical professional for an evaluation and treatment. Failing to do this can be disastrous for your claim. With verification from a medical professional that your injuries are significant, you can establish a link between your accident and your injuries.

Many people delay or skip this step for various reasons, from believing their injuries are not severe to having prior obligations or worrying about the cost. Whatever the reason, skipping this step can hurt your case because it gives insurance companies valid medical reasons to deny or devalue your damages. It also makes it difficult for your attorney to advocate on your behalf.

Failing to Seek Legal Counsel

Personal injury lawyers are there to help you maximize your settlement. They will ensure you have calculated your losses accurately, including future medical bills and lost wages. Additionally, they can help you avoid saying anything that could weaken your case. If you speak with an insurance representative without a lawyer, you may inadvertently downplay your injuries or admit fault for the incident.

Many people are reluctant to hire a lawyer for minor injuries, especially after an accident in which they have bruises and scrapes. They may also think they need help to hire a lawyer. However, most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning you do not have to pay any fees upfront unless and until they win your case. Visit wilklawfirm.com to learn more. 

Failing to Document Your Injuries

Documenting your injuries is vitally important to your claim. If you do not document your injuries, the defendant’s insurance provider could argue that you were not injured in the accident.

Being completely honest with your doctor about the extent of your injuries is crucial. If you downplay the severity of your injuries or exaggerate them, that will also negatively impact your claim.

In addition to medical records, save receipts for any extra costs you incur due to your injuries (like hiring someone to mow the lawn or driving to and from medical appointments). Save copies of any correspondence with insurance providers as well. Your notes can help your attorney create an accurate account of the accident for your case.

Failing to Report the Accident

Failing to report the accident can be a costly mistake. It leaves the case open to interpretation and allows the at-fault party to change their story, making it difficult to determine liability.

Visiting a doctor to have an official record of your injuries is also essential. Following doctor instructions, including follow-up appointments and physical therapy, is vital. Otherwise, insurance companies may question the extent of your injury or argue that another cause could have caused it.

Individuals should avoid committing these mistakes when filing a personal injury claim to maximize their chances of achieving fair compensation. An experienced attorney can guide what to do after an accident, and they can handle communication with insurance companies to protect individuals’ rights throughout the process.

Failing to Get a Police Report

Failing to contact emergency services or seek medical help after an accident and leaving the location can harm a personal injury case. Even if the at-fault party apologizes or admits to being responsible, if there is no police report, it will be your word against theirs.

A police report can provide valuable information, including witness testimonials and camera footage. This approach can strengthen your case and increase the likelihood of receiving the full compensation you deserve for your injuries. It is advised that individuals refrain from posting anything on social media following an accident. Additionally, seeking legal counsel before providing a recorded statement to any insurance company is recommended. This will protect individuals from unwittingly saying something that could harm their claim.


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