Steps for Making Home-Made Dinner Ware Items

Steps for Making Home-Made Dinner Ware Items

Making pottery is not only therapeutic; it can also help you to build your collection of customized home-made dinner ware items for a great dining experience. Today, many people are tired of buying mass-produced plain ceramic dinner ware without artistry. If you are one of them, then you can make a variety of items such as plates and platters, cups, soup bowls, and even flower vases for your home.

The journey starts with an interest in pottery and gathering the relevant tools and materials. We will take you through simple steps to help you get started with pottery to make amazing home-made dinner ware items.

Decide on the Home-Made Dinner Ware Items to Make

Every journey has a starting point, and yours should start by deciding what item you intend to make. There are many options of tableware items you can make including authentic plates, rustic bowls, a set of dishes, cups and mugs, or maybe accessories such as flower vases and salt and pepper shakers.

You should think about the function and aesthetic you want for your home-made dinner ware items. If you are undecided, spend some time looking for ideas on the web, social media, or magazines to see what you can make. Your ceramic journey will have a clear direction once you choose your favorite products.

Get Training or Tutorials

Pottery is a form of art that calls for talent and proficiency. With the appropriate instruction, even a complete beginner can learn how to make home-made tableware. You can look for pottery classes or workshops where you can learn from seasoned potters through participation. Or you can buy some home-made dinner ware such as Supper Club dinnerware to use as inspiration when making yours. An abundance of information will help you to get started with ease.

With this, you will discover several kinds of clay, glazing methods, and efficient pottery tool use. These tools will give you more self-assurance and put you on the right path to making lovely home-made dinner ware.

Gather Pottery Tools and Materials

It is time to gather the equipment and materials you will need for your home-made dinner ware project. Here is a list of the basic tools and materials.

Clays and glazes – Select the clay type that best suits your pottery items. Stoneware clay is popular for dinner ware due to its durability and versatility, but the other types have their pros and cons as well. Glazes allow you to personalize your dinner ware items because they are available in a variety of colors and textures.

 Pottery wheel and worktop – Making items like plates and bowls requires a pottery wheel. So, make sure that you have a functional one and set up a designated work surface where you can use the wheel comfortably.

A kiln – You need a working kiln to fire your home-made dinner ware items at high temperatures. If you do not have a kiln of your own, think about renting space at a nearby studio or community center.

Cutting tools – As your clay pieces dry, you will need cutting tools to trim and shape them. So, you should have wire cutters and fettling knives in your collection of tools.

Shaping tools – You can improve your home-made dinner ware items by using specific shaping tools including sponges, ribs, and wooden modeling tools.

Create Time for Pottery

Making home-made tableware is a time-consuming procedure that requires patience and dedication. Make pottery a priority during free or allocated time in your schedule so that you may work on your projects without interruptions. Think of the creative process as a kind of satisfying and relaxing hobby since it is considered therapeutic.

How to Make the Home-Made Dinner Ware Items

The first step of making home-made dinner ware items is preparing the clay. Although most of the clay is ready for use, even a beginner should know that kneading it removes air bubbles and makes it pliable.

The next step is to either throw the clay on the wheel or roll it on a flat surface depending on what you are making. Regardless, this is the most critical step as you start shaping your pottery items.

You can now use trimming and shaping tools to give them shape and improve their textures. Luckily, you now have all the tools that you need to use to make what you want. There are no limitations as home-made dinner ware items follow your unique thoughts and ideas.

From here, let your items air-dry thoroughly. The time depends on the size and thickness of your items, so this could take a few days or longer.

When all is set, fire them in your kiln for the first time and then apply glazes before giving them a final firing. Some people still paint their items on top of the glazes depending on the desired final product.


It is quite a process to make amazing home-made dinner ware. But since you are now ready, do not hesitate to get started. Making your own home-made dinner ware items is a worthwhile, fun, and creative activity that lets you customize your dining experience. So, give it a try!


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