How Much Cholesterol In One Egg? Are Eggs Bad for Your Cholesterol?

How Much Cholesterol In One Egg

How Much Cholesterol in One Egg?

Usually, the cholesterol is bad for human health. Because of the egg is in our daily menu always, surely you like to know how much Cholesterol present In One Egg! One 50gm weighted boiled chicken egg carry 186.5mg cholesterol. The white part of an egg is a raw protein and contains less cholesterol.

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Are Eggs Bad for Your Cholesterol?

Its little bit complex, but lastly an easy solution or answer.

If any person regularly eats an egg, the HDL cholesterol, which is good will went high. However, the LDL cholesterol level, which is usually bad remain unchanged and may slightly rise up. Infect, for 70% people, the egg carries no effect on LDL cholesterol level, but it will slightly rise up for the 30% people.

Though in chicken eggs, the cholesterol present is high but it’s not a killer substance than a glass of wine beverage. Most of the third world country has the policy to provide boiled chicken eggs for pregnant women.

If you have an allergy for eggs, then you may need to skip eggs or take medicines to solve the issue. Furthermore, if you have type-2 diabetes, and you eat eggs a lot, the chance for having heart disease is more likely true. The risk factor is going higher for them. But a healthy person can eat seven eggs a week, and face no problem. The egg yolk is a primary source of getting vitamins and required minerals for cheap. Teach your children to eat eggs in any form daily, and your children will gain a healthy body.

Eggs and Cholesterol

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