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4 Stress Relief Products to Add to Your Daily Routine

Stress Relief Tips to Add to Your Daily Routine

Chronic stress negatively impacts almost every system in the body. Living in stressful times makes it essential to manage daily stress and relieve the body of that negative pressure. There are multiple stress relief products, so it is vital to utilize the products and techniques that work for each individual person. While not every product …

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How to Use the 3/7 Method for Hypertrophy, According to Ilija Jahura?


The 3/7 method is a newer concept involving a set-rep scheme. Created by a French strength coach named Emmanuel Legeard, it combines relatively heavy weight with brief rest periods for efficient results. Here’s how Ilija Jahura has used this method for hypertrophy to incredible success and how you can too. What Does the 3/7 Method …

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Kickboxing Principles That Will Make You a Better Fighter

Kickboxing Principles That Will Make You a Better Fighter

Kickboxing has principles that are essential to success in this sport. When you learn the principles, your chances of flourishing are higher than when you lack knowledge about them. Kickboxing is a stand-up fighting style that focuses on striking, and no ground fighting is allowed. It has various techniques other than punching skills, including kicks, …

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