How Not Educated Mom Earns as a Freelancer

Not Educated Mom Earns as a Freelancer

I remember how freelancing started for me and my son 3 years ago. I am from Philippines and have a little son. I was a nurse at a local hospital. I gave my very best. I attended to every patient as if they are my blood brothers and sisters.

Every patient liked me and I did my work to see them recover fast. I was prompt and sincere but I cannot explain what happen. One night the senior doctor called me into his office and without saying much words, he told me my services were no longer required.

I couldn’t speak for long. I was surprised. When I asked him why he said it was a management decision.

I don’t know what to do or where to start again because I do not have any degree and I have a little son. I cried a lot of time until my friend, Kyla, advised me to try to get a job on the internet. That sounded like a joke to me, I almost laughed.

But Kyla is a really good friend. I do not know internet. She helped me. She gave me her old computer and shared her internet with me since we live in the same room.

She helped me create account, put my picture and my service. I do not have a degree like I said, so the only thing I could offer was care and patience.

Because she was already experienced with freelancing, she helped me do some things with my account. She explained, but I didn’t understand.

Not Educated Mom Earns as a Freelancer

Kyla checked new orders periodically together with me. When she saw orders where I can be useful then she immediately asked me how I wanted to answer and typed for me because I typed very slowly and made mistakes. After several months a miracle happened – I was invited on my first Skype interview and I passed it!

The client had a sick wife who wanted someone who is kind and cheerful to talk with. With the help of my friend, we were able to secure this job.

So, in two months, I listened I talked with this woman. She talked about her children and I talked about my son. We laughed and joked over Skype and she was very happy. We became best of friends. She got well after then and we stayed very good friends.

I got other clients who liked to talk with me on Skype, some wanted me to come to their home to look after old mother. They shared their problems and fears. I was happy because they were very happy.

I was not only happy, but I was also making money. This job makes me almost $300 per month – I know that this is not so big, but for many Philippines families it is a great help.

Sometimes when I talk with my clients, my son will sit on my laps. My clients liked to see him and liked his sweet voice. He is happy too.

I am really very happy now. I do not have any degree. I do not have special skills. I don’t know computer or internet. But I have a great friend and a great job.

I work from 4 to 6 hours in the day and I make even more than I make from my nursing job. I am happier, my son is happier too. Freelancing has given me more time to relax and take care of my son and more money too.

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