How to Win the Office Wear War

How to Win the Office Wear War

Office Wear

I have been working in an office since I graduated from University and although my career has progressed significantly and the majority of men I work with are all middle aged, there is still a healthy amount of surreptitious competition amongst us. A lot of competition is unspoken and it is by flashing a designer blazer or cuff-link that you can score a point. I have become more stealthy in my game and have realized the label counts for nothing if the quality is no better than your average high-street wear.

For five days a week I wear a formal suit so it isn’t just looks I need to think about, durability and quality of make is imperative. Crombie suits and fitted shirts are a secret weapon of mine; my favourite I have owned for years yet you would still think it’s new and the classic design of it means waning fashions don’t affect me. I need something that is sharp and understated, something that exudes quality that I know many of the other men in the office will struggle to compare to. A grey suit is not as plain or harsh as a black one and I feel it complements my shirts better; especially the paler more colourful shirts I wear in summer months.

Crombie shirts have nailed the two most important aspects for me; style and quality of wear. The cotton is lightweight enough to wear in the summer (even on the stiflingly hot underground) and the fit of the shirt doesn’t leave me looking like a school boy! There is a fantastic choice of paler colours such as pink and lilac striped shirts and for the darker months deep navies and reds. When I wear my Crombie to work I know I have made a smart choice and I have to say, it has earned me the (unspoken) respect of my peers. My brother is getting married next autumn and I have already recommended Crombie for the wedding suits, we may even have to treat ourselves to the tailoring service they offer.

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