Top 20 Nutritional Tips For a Great Body

Tips For a Great Body

Over the years, individuals from around the world have consistently looked out for ways via which they could use to their advantage in the training room. With a view to look good by eliminating unneeded body fat, here is our list of the top twenty nutritional tips that will help anyone get a ripped and superior body and learn how to build muscle fast and quickly!

20 Best Nutritional Tips For a Great Body

1. Calories are a Must

Everyone is concerned about burning out those fat deposits but not many people know that in order to burn them out, their bodies will require energy and which better way to stock up on energy other than calories. However, there is a tipping point. Eating calories must require its nutritional value.

2. Balance Those Calories

People say that eating calories will help you put on weight instead of muscles. However, truth be told, certain calories that come from carbs are well capable of helping muscles grow. This is due to the fact that they speed up the metabolism rate of the body. Hence balance those calories well to get a good nutritional meal.

3. Protein Will Help

When you work out, your body will burn out calories and the carbs will help sustain energy. But if there aren’t any proteins in your meal, you can be rest assured that your muscles will not grow. If you want that bulge, indulge in some protein which will help build muscle fast.

4. Say NO to Aggressive Dieting

It has been a widely discussed fact that aggressive dieting has more number of health risks than benefits. If you have taken up weight training, let results take their own sweet time. Moderate diets with enough nutrition over a prolonged period of time are the best way to get ribbed. Don’t punish your body just because of your mind.

5. What type of Proteins?

The carbs in your body will perform the role of metabolic increment when you workout. A good metabolism rate that is balanced will expose your muscles to development. However, to fill in these muscles you will need protein. Fish and chicken are your best friends here.

6. Glycogen will surely Help

During your workout sessions, as you experience fatigue, your body will reach differently on the basis of the nutrition your body is exposed to. Avoiding carbs in your diet will bring down the glycogen levels of the body which will inversely burn the muscle tissues out. By increasing carbohydrate intake by an additional 150-200 grams, one can replenish their glycogen levels effortlessly.

7. Stimulate the Nervous System

In order to stimulate the nervous system, thermogenics will help considerably. They will release fat cells and bring about weight loss at the same time bring down the elevated levels of metabolism that comes along with crash dieting.

8. Once in a While – Overdiet

Sometimes, you have to push your body to the extreme. Take a day to indulge yourself into punishment and eat around just 50-80 grams of carbs the entire day. Don’t overdo this. Once in two weeks should be fine. You will notice results like never before.

9. Mix it Up a Bit

Don’t eat the same sort of nutrition day in and day out. Mix out your meals and give yourself options. No harm in indulging yourself in a delight once in a while. Load up on some nice carbs before you get back to your diet. The craving for more will burn out your fat cells and stimulate muscle growth.

10. Fiber is a Must

No nutritional meal would be complete without its fiber content. If you want to kick start your workout regiment, get some fiber to help you. Sprouts and seeds will not only burn out those fat cells but will also give your muscles better rigidness.

11. BCCA’s Glutamine Boosts

Consuming around 5g of BCCA’s will help boost up those glutamine levels and will spare you the burn out of branched chain amino acids in your body. If you notice, it will also increase your metabolic rate to improve fat cell burning.

12. Eat some Fish!

Eat some Fish

Fish is an absolute delight and every dieters best friend. Rich in protein and Omega3 acids, fish will do everything for you which no other food can. If you want to burn fat, eat some fish. Skip out the fried ones. This does not include shell fish.

13. Low Sugar Carbs

Before you start your training session, ensure that you have consumed enough amounts of carbs to help you out. These carbs should have low sugar content as a lower glucose level in the body will impact fat burning quite easily. Slow digesting carbs such as whey protein is highly recommended.

14. High fat Fish Meals

There are a few fish such as Salmon, Mackerel, Bluefish and Tuna that have a high content of fat in them. This is due to the fact that they have elevated quantities of Omega3 fatty acids which we all know by now is quintessential in aiding weight loss.

15. Get that Ratio Right

We have been discussing the importance of both carbohydrates as well as proteins for a long time now but have never pondered upon what ratios they need to be consumed in. Ideally a ratio of 2:1 for carbs against proteins is the ideal meal for individuals that workout regularly to help build muscle fast.

16. Skip Carbs before Sleeping

When it’s time to call it a day, skip eating carbs unless you intend to workout in your sleep. Substitute it with protein or something that will help sustain the GH levels of body which tend to rise during the first 90 minutes whilst sleeping.

17. Eat More, Eat Less

Eating less food at regular intervals is a must for anyone that weight trains. Eating is as important as working out and if you want to see good results, you better make sure your body is fed well. Eat up to five small meals a day and try to keep munching healthy stuff in between.

18. Fight Fat

GLA and CLA are two acids that are found around the spinal tissues and other organs of the body. Their basic property is to induce the fat around that area and help burn fat. The best way to stimulate these GLA and CLA acids is to consume dairy and beef foods that are available as supplements.

19. Don’t Compromise on Muscle Development

The moment you cut down on calories, you can be rest assured that your muscles will suffer. You need to make sure that your muscles get enough of carbs and proteins to develop well. If you believe cutting down on calories will help you cut fat deposits, think twice as you will also lose out on muscle retention. That is not how to build muscle fast and quickly.

20. Take A Break

You are a human being and not a machine. Your body needs its rest and you need to give it what it wants. If you keep pushing yourself to the extreme, your body can shut off resulting in dehydration and fatigue. Take a few days off from training and eat healthy meals to regain some strength.

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