The 10 Best Things About BTS, According to Their Fans

Best Things About BTS

BTS are one of the most popular pop groups in the world, with massive fan bases in Asia, Latin America, and other parts of the world. With their recent concerts in North America, tickets sold out immediately! This article lists ten different things that make BTS so exciting to their fans – from their music to their performances. undefined Korean boy band BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys or Beyond The Scene: the 7 youngest guys, formed by Big Hit Entertainment in 2013, who started out underground but exploded. A list of 10 things, from being supportive to being romantic, fans love about their favorite K-pop group. BTS (aka Bangtan Boys, aka 방탄소년단) is a seven-member South Korean boyband who has ‘broken the language barrier and reached No. 1 on Spotify’s world charts, even though they’ve barely released any music in the U.S. (yet)’ (Rita Chan). The members, RM, Jin, SUGA, J-hope, Jimin, V and j-min put


The band’s clothing and accessories dominate markets and fan’s wallets across the internet. The band has partnered with the likes of Adidas and Louis Vuitton, but its partnerships go beyond just flashy brand-name choice. They made a deal with Beats by Dre in early 2015 that will not only result in custom headphones, but also in music releases and opportunities to collaborate on future projects. BTS’s fans love the group so much, they buy loads of merchandise in support. There are specialized sites dedicated to stocking only BTS-related goods, and even concerts for international fangirls revolve around which K-pop merch to get next. Projects that could be seen as negative, like cancelled tours or hiatus periods, are met with the same determination. BTS ARMY Merchandise can be purchased online from Since they don’t have locations in various countries, their fans will often buy merchandise online to sell in their locations.

BTS the most lovable Korean Pop Idol

Although they have charted at number two on the Billboard 200 charts twice, their name may not be as well known. They are a seven member boy band that was born in South Korea and has just begun to shatter records for most albums sold at 8.4 million since 2013. BTS has won awards, performed in sold-out concerts all over the world, and collaborated with some of the biggest pop stars. They even have an upcoming collaboration with UNICEF to promote youth education. I can’t list all of their achievements. But, in short, they are the most amazing things to ever happen to this Earth. Suga
He blends in at times, but he’s all too underrated. He’s the best rapper to get hip-hop beat drops into the band. Rap Monster is all about rapping, but Suga can write songs like “No More Dream” and “Awake” that show his drum skills. He has also written Korean lyrics for many of BTS’s major songs including “Just One Day” and “Am I Wrong”. His solo track, “The Last” was brilliant – it was like he took everything he learned through our delayed world tour to make one song with a music video to set the tone for this whole album. The melody sort of mimics that of Euphoria

BTS Concerts

With their 7th Korean studio album, Love Yourself: Tear making a huge impression on the music charts, Bangtan Boys will be embarking on a mind blowing world tour. However, these groups of young adults didn’t just reach the top of the charts with little hype and no promotions. As they found themselves shoving other boy bands and girl groups to take up leftovers of the entertainment industry, BTS gained momentum and established themselves as THE K-pop group to watch out for. All carried by nothing but pure passion for music and eagerness to reach fans worldwide.
Exotic productions such as stage outfits that change as often as their style or becoming holograms singing high notes alongside local idols made them stand out from the stagnant era of Concerts are the most iconic part of BTS fandom. When they began their “Wings Tour” in Seoul, there were breathtaking set-ups and choreography displays. But the security at these concerts is what really makes them worth it. It’s hard to dance through security checks to the bathroom or squeeze through 15,000 other fans to get back to your seat – but that’s not an issue for BTS fans.

Things you’ll never hear a fan say

  1. \”I’m glad they became successful and all but I haven’t listened to much of their music since 2012\”
  2. \”Fans, please stop tweeting me about them, they don’t deserve it\”
  3. \”They lied to us, we were supposed to win best song at the Billboard Music Awards and we didn’t)
  4. \”I was so excited when they started out four years ago but now I think their dance moves are didactic\”
  5. \”Jimin is so handsome blah blah, I wish he could go solo or something\”)

The best things according to their fans:

  • they’re polite
  • they’re active with their fans on social media
  • they’re talented, multitalented in what they do
  • many members are good looking
  • when they talk in interviews or when ARMYs think about them 그들은 잘나서 너무 팁 강함을 보여주는
  • They have a large ambition of talent. When one mind is not good enough, there are 6 more that are. Not to mention that some are really pretty! undefined BTS is a K-pop boy band based in South Korea. Since their inception in 2013, they have released four full-length albums, four mini-albums and six EPs. They are considered one of South Korea’s most popular boy bands. However, BTS have fans all over the world who love them for their unique twist on traditional music genres.


As a conclusion, BTS has been criticized at times for drinking fairly heavily and acting rebelliously, but these are qualities that were 1 out of 10 on this list. At the end of the day, the members of BTS really work hard for their craft and talents both onstage and off line. Their dedication has motivated many fans to find their calling in life. BTS has changed the music world, both in Korea and abroad—their achievements are unparalleled. Successful K-pop groups are few and far between, but BTS is balancing music with personal projects to make them role models not only for their young fans, but for all Koreans.

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