Jill Tavelman Unsuccessful Married Life and Divorce Story

Jill Tavelman Unsuccessful Married Life and Divorce Story

Jill Tavelman

Parting ways from your partner is never easy, and it gets even more hectic when the divorce amount is more painful than leaving the significant other. One such case is that of Jill Tavelman and her ex-husband, Phil Collins. The American actress had a costly split.

Who is Jill Tavelman, Phil Collins’ ex-wife?

Jill Tavelman is a famous American actress, television personality, architect, and entrepreneur in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is also known for her unsuccessful marriage with the famous English singer and drummer Phil Collins.

The Married Life of Jill Tavelman and Phil Collins

Jill Tavelman and Phil Collins

They knew each other from childhood and then reconnected in 1980 in Vancouver. They got married in 1984 when both of them were 24. Lily Collins, their daughter and a well-known British-American actress, was born in 1989. Jill was not Phil’s first wife; he was previously married to Andrea Bertorelli, whom he divorced after five years of marriage in 1980.

Phil was a rock band member and used to perform at various places. After marrying Jill, his first affair started getting rumoured in 1992 with Lavinia while performing in LA. She was his childhood romance. Travelman also hit back at him, concluding that he had been ignoring their daughter.

Phil and Lavinia even decided to get together, leaving their respective families behind, but Lavinia backed off, fearing she would lose her kids. Reportedly, after that, Phil also started focusing on his wife and daughter and tried to stay faithful to them until he met Orianne Cevey, who was a translator in Geneva.

Jill Tavelman Unsuccessful Married Life Tragedy

Jill Tavelman

Unfortunately, the second time Phil decided to part his ways from Jill Tavelman, the sources claim that he used the most unusual and horrible ways of getting things ended. He used a FAX to break up. The singer sent a FAX to Jill explaining how he felt about their marriage and Lilly, who was five years old at that time.

The heartbreaking FAX truly broke Jill, as she had already been in the same scenario earlier when Phil decided to leave her and Lily. Receiving the FAX didn’t go well for her. Phil Collins got divorced from Jill in 1996. The rough divorce took almost two years to finalize. He then married Orianne in 1999.

Following the divorce, Jill got a massive amount of $50 million for the settlement. Jill Tavelman moved out from London after the divorce to Los Angeles and stayed with her daughter. 

Lily Collins, the young actress and daughter of Jill Tavelman and Phil Collins, also wrote in her memoir, Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me. She explained how her personal and professional life had been affected due to her parents splitting.

Jill Tavelman Net Worth

Jill once made the news for buying a house giving $4 million more than it was worth, which gives hints of her net worth of more than $10 million. Adding the amount of settlement she received during her divorce, which was around $50 million.

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