Creating Travel Videos for YouTube Without Doing Much

Creating Travel Videos for YouTube

Make such travel videos so that viewers can feel like they are traveling with you when they watch your videos. The power of video is such that your travel display can immediately connect with your viewers and grasp their attention, especially if it’s made well using a professional video editor.

You need to know the fundamentals of creating impressive travel videos so that you can increase your YouTube and social media likes, comments, and shares, thus enhancing your outreach.

Creating Travel Videos for YouTube

It is not very difficult to create a meaningful travel video. You simply need to express the feeling of exploring different parts of the world, interacting with various people, associating with different cultures, food, and languages, and posting it on your YouTube channel.

Add a pinch of SEO in it and make your channel your primary source of traffic and even income.

Let us study some facts here:

  • Mobile viewing time for travel YouTube videos increased 65% year-over-year.
  • Nearly two-thirds of watch time for popular travel videos is on mobile.
  • Increased watch time for travel episodes and recaps also increased by over 250% in the last 12 months.

Such facts and the growing demand for travel videos should be motivation enough for you to create fascinating videos for your audience and delight them with your creativity.

How to Make A Travel Video Most Conveniently

You are the producer, and you are the director. The cost, accessibility, ease, and adaptability depending on how you plan to frame your travel video.

Let us discuss some basic tips you must follow to make travel videos in an instant:

Start with A Storyboard

The human mind immediately connects with a story. Before creating your travel video, have a pre-defined storyboard and work towards it.

Shoot Your Video

Once you have an unscripted story, you should have all the necessary equipment to start shooting your idea.

Start with good cameras (a high-end smartphone or an iPhone would also do). Take close-ups, long, wide-angle shots, and some extra clips for editing.

Creating Travel Videos for YouTube

Edit Your Video

After planning how you will shoot your video, you must decide how you want to edit it. Choose the right online video editing software to edit your videos. This tool is designed to help users create high-quality videos with minimal effort. The video editor can automatically edit videos based on user-defined criteria, making it ideal for those who don’t have the time or experience to do so manually.

Also, there are many ways to create and edit travel videos but knowing how to edit your videos correctly helps with filming. It’s better to know how to start with the editing process. These tips can help you:

  • Use an effective Intro and Outro – The first 10 seconds of the video are very important. People will turn away from your video if it’s not attractive enough.
  • Use your logo brand and then add the main story of the video.
  • End the video with an outro and a Call to ask your viewers to subscribe to future videos by taking relevant action.
  • You need to use the video editor to add value to your travel videos and keep them entertaining and interesting.
  • Don’t ignore the music, and add what fits your mood. However, pay close attention to copyright and only use licensed music. Use natural background sounds, giving your audience the flavor of the environment of the destination.
  • Create crisp and concise travel videos – A good target length is 3-10 minutes, but you can experiment with videos of different lengths.
  • Use graphics, transitions, different styles of shots, cuts, and trims to highlight your travel video.

Publish and Promote

Now that you are ready with a well-created and edited travel video, it’s time to take your magnificent creativity to the world. Think about all the channels you can publish your video at.

YouTube, of course, is the right place where people wait for beautiful travel videos to get posted. But besides YouTube, you can try social media channels like Facebook, Instagram reels, Instagram stories, etc.

Optimize Your Videos for YouTube

Creating and editing videos isn’t enough. To benefit from your travel videos in the long run, you must optimize them professionally. Why optimize?

Let’s look at an example here:

You post a travel video with the title, “What to do at Taj Mahal,” and there I another travel video on YouTube which says, “10 things to do when you visit the Taj Mahal”.

Which phrase will be highlighted when viewers search for the place using the keywords? This is all about SEO marketing, which is directly applied to videos and has a huge impact on your ranking in local searches.

It is important to use the appropriate title (in this case, the latter one will be highlighted when searched for), add relevant keywords and metadata to your posting, and then upload it.

Here is how you need to optimize your travel videos:

  • Title: It’s the best place to highlight your keywords to make the video more compelling and meaningful
  • Description: Include keywords in the description field about once every 100 words and keep the wordcount anywhere between 300-500
  • Link your videos to blogs, social media platforms, and wherever you want your audience to go.
  • Add keyword-enriched hashtags. You can also add locations, dates taken, categories, and more.
  • A compelling video thumbnail can make a big difference when users scroll through their feeds.
  • Creating subtitles for your videos is a very time-consuming task, but according to YouTube, it can increase your audience.
  • Embedding and Linking Videos help your readers reach the right page and also help you target the words that get you more traffic.

Types of Travel Videos You Can Venture Into

With a little experimentation, you must narrow down the types of travel videos you are good at and enjoy making. Here are some of the common types:

Travel Vlogs

Vlogs or video blogs are a more personalized and fairly natural way to showcase your perfectly edited travel video.

Vlogs reflect your personality, taste, and style and are a great option for building trust with your audience. They create natural, no-pressure videos.

Travel Guide Videos

Use your travel videos not only to provide updates but also to educate your audience and inspire them.

Try making your videos in the format “15 things to do while you are at the Taj Mahal”. Create such column style or listicle videos that can be tremendously successful.

These also fare well with SEO.

Random Travel Videos

If you have no story or nothing in particular to share, make a niche video and talk about your experience of travel, food, accommodation, culture, or local people.

This revolves more around the passion you have for traveling. It instills a sense of encouragement among your viewers to experience something similar.

Make Instructional or Marketing Videos

Travel videos are highly engaging, and your bio page can instantly gain credibility, character, and authenticity. These videos are made with a purpose – marketing.

If you decide not to be in front of the camera, you can always make changes during the video editingby adding narration and music to the videos.

Creating Travel Videos for YouTube


The decision to create travel videos to grow your YouTube channel can be a great choice to enhance your online career. Follow the right plan, learn how to make relevant travel videos using the tips mentioned above and techniques, and grow your channel. The advantage of making videos is that you can connect with millions of people around the world. So, start creating and telling your travel stories to the world today.

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