7 House Painting Myths You Need to Stop Believing

House Painting Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Believe it or not, a lot of people are of the view that the paint they buy is a one-size-fits-all solution. The truth is that there are various options of exterior and interior wall paint that are specifically designed for different weather conditions, moisture content, finish you prefer, and the overall look you desire. Myths get propagated and easily believed because painting your house on your own is a daunting task.

However, painting your home is all about protecting your home and improving the living experience. The first step towards that is to debunk the myths. Here are seven common house painting myths, busted:

1. Three Coats of Paint is Mandatory

house painting myths you should stop believing

This is treated as a rule of thumb for most paint jobs. The truth is that oil-based paints typically require more coats than water-based paints. The number of coats also depends on the colours and textures you’ve chosen. Leave the decision to professional house painters who can give you an estimate before beginning the paint job. With Berger Express Painting services, you can rest assured of a superior and long-lasting finish for your walls.

2. You Don’t Need Primer for Smooth Walls

It’s easy to assume that just because your walls look smooth and the existing surface chip-free, you can skip the primer before the paint job. Another common myth concerning the undercoat is that if one is applying two coats of paint, primer application wouldn’t be necessary. The primer is actually crucial for the paint to bind well and enhance durability. Good-quality primers like Berger’s BP Cement Primer are also essential for high opacity and chalking resistance. 

3. Dark Colours Are Only for Large Spaces

house painting myths you should stop believing

It’s true that deep tones help create the illusion of compactness and cosiness. But it’s a common misconception that the same colours are wrong for spaces or rooms that aren’t very big. On the contrary, dark colours could introduce much-needed class and contemporariness to otherwise modest dimensions. For instance, a shade like Foldwing or Seahorse from Berger’s Colour Catalogue can be used with décor pieces in chrome or complementing furnishing for a sophisticated and opulent look. Berger’s luxury emulsions also offer spiffy patterns to go with deep shades.

4. You Don’t Need a Professional

Unlike many other tasks, painting your home is a project that requires coordination, years of experience and knowledge of repair and waterproofing. Missing even one important step in a DIY paint job could end up ruining the whole look and feel of your walls, not to mention introducing problems such as seepage. Hiring professionals for your house painting will not only ensure a job properly done, but one that wouldn’t take too much of your time or stress you out a lot. With Berger’s trained professionals, who use automated tools, provide furniture and floor covering and complete disinfection, you can rest easy from start to finish.

5. Painting Jobs Should Be Undertaken Keeping the Weather in Mind

house painting myths

The notion that you ought to only choose sunny days for painting your house is incorrect. In the past, when today’s superior quality paints weren’t available, cold weather and the rainy season would slow down the drying of the paint coats. Modern paints can easily circumvent this hassle. For instance, Silk Glamour takes about 15-25 minutes at around 25 degrees Celsius. 

Moreover, if you give greater importance to the look and feel of the walls than just paint drying up fast, try Berger Interior Paints’ Silk Illusions Design Metallica for dreamy metallic patterns with a glossy, lustrous finish. Developed to exhibit slow drying, this luxury emulsion allows ample time for the sumptuous designs to come alive on your walls.

6. Getting the Colour Combination Right is a Nightmare

With help from innovative tools and an extensive colour palette such as the one that you get with Berger, picking colour combinations is rather fun. The Virtual Painter feature lets you visualise as many combinations as you want before making a decision. Take it a step further and try out your shortlisted colours on actual photographs of your rooms on the Colour Studio, before the home painting starts. Berger’s professional painters also provide colour consultancy, making it even easier to get the colour combination right.

7. Ceiling Paint Makes the Room Seem Smaller

house painting myths
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On the contrary, the right shade of ceiling paint could help lend the room character and warmth. While dark colours can make the space feel cosy and personal, lighter hues are great to introduce the illusion of height. Ceiling paint is also a great tool to offset the darker tones of the walls and lift the mood of the room. Stay clear of myths by contacting Berger Express Painting services, who will suggest scientific solutions to give your walls the protection and glamourous look they deserve. These house painting professionals ensure to follow all safety protocols and get the job done better and faster.

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    I too used to underestimate the importance of house painting professionals. Thank you so much for busting so many myths about house painting.

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