Learn About The PFAS Water Contamination Cancer Lawsuits

PFAS Water Contamination

While a lot of people are aware of the water contamination, many individuals might not be aware that this cause for concern has become much more immediate. With the recent news about PFAS in water supply, many Americans who live near bodies of water are searching for answers on how to file a PFAS cancer lawsuit?

What is PFAS?

They are very common in the environment and can even be found in your tap water. There are many different types of PFAS, all of which have different health implications.

PFAS stands for Poly- and Fluoroalkyl Substances. These are chemicals that were used in plastics, rubber, and leather products. They are found in the drinking water of many US cities, leading to a public health crisis where residents have been diagnosed with rare cancers. There has been a surge of lawsuits filed against companies who used PFAS in their factories.

What is the PFAS lawsuit?

The PFAS Water Contamination Cancer Lawsuits are a type of lawsuit that has been filed against several companies, for the release of toxic chemicals into the air and water.

There are a number of lawsuits that were filed against the California Drinking Water Suppliers Association, including one from over 7,000 plaintiffs. It is not yet known how many people have been affected by the PFAS water contamination but it does appear that there are a lot of people who are at risk for developing cancer and other illnesses.

Who can file a lawsuit?

The PFAS Water Contamination Cancer Lawsuits are a series of lawsuits filed by residents of the area in which the water was contaminated. The people that can file lawsuits for the PFAS water contamination are those that lived within a 5-mile radius of the plant, have been diagnosed with cancer, or are a relative or dependent of someone who was diagnosed with cancer.

They must meet specific qualifications to be eligible, but they generally involve being a resident with cancer that is connected to groundwater contamination from leaking gas wells.

How to file a lawsuit?

The PFAS water contamination lawsuits are currently in the news because of their huge legal implications. The goal of these lawsuits is to ensure that local governments and companies acknowledge the health risks they have caused. If you believe that there is a need for PFAS water contamination cancer lawsuits, contact a professional lawsuit attorney today.


Water contamination can have negative effects on your health. Companies are required to follow the EPA’s guidelines for water quality, so this does not happen often. When it does get contaminated, you should consult an attorney if you were one of the people who are harmed by it.

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