Toesmith Review: Customised Shoes Online India

toesmith reviews customised shoes online india

Toesmith Review: In our day-to-day lives, we are constantly in search of comfort. No matter what we do, we always complete it within our comfort zones. The same goes with our attire. We are always in a search of a fashionably comfortable outfit. Now, your outfit not only includes your clothes but also your footwear.

Even when it comes to our footwear, they should be fashionable but at the same time, they should also be comfortable. If you are looking for such comfortable and fashionable sneakers, then Toesmith is the best choice for you.

The Toesmith Sneaker’s has many amazing features and qualities that make them one of the best canvas shoes available. They are available in all sizes and different designs. The design prints, being printed by the sublimation process, are long-lasting and attractive. The sole is the main soul of their sneakers.

Toesmith uses the best quality anti-slip sole that prevents any discomfort to you. All the features and manufacturing of Toesmith are done keeping the consumer’s safety and comfort in mind.

toesmith reviews customised shoes online india
Toesmith Sneaker Unboxing

Pros of Toesmith Sneakers

✅ High-Quality Fabric

Toesmith uses the highest and best quality of fabric. The fabric used is Canvas. Canvas shoes are very comfortable and can be used for rough and tough usage. The same goes with the Toesmith Sneakers.

Being made for daily use, Toesmith sneaker’s fabric provides more strength and attractiveness to them. These shoes have design prints which are one more reason why canvas proves to be the best fabric for it, as canvas delivers the prints in the highest quality possible.

✅ High-quality Prints

Toesmith uses sublimation printing for the design prints made on the shoes. This technique of printing is very easy and causes no damage to the fabric. The durability of the print also increases in sublimation printing. The prints are available in a versatile range of designs that avails you to choose your favourite style of design.

✅ Customize Your Shoe

Many a time, no matter how many choices we have in front of us, we wish to see more options if we are not satisfied with the available options. Taking this into consideration, Toesmith has the best solution that benefits you in many ways.

You can now customize your shoes with whatever parameters and designs you want. There is no need to compromise if you don’t like the designs made available by the manufacturers and designers.

✅ Comfort Friendly Sole

The main highlight of the Toesmith Sneaker is its sole. The sole can make or mar the quality of the shoes as the entire comfort level depends on the sole. Toesmith uses the highest quality of soles that can provide comfortability to you. The TPR sole is used in the shoes as it is anti-slip and highly comfortable. It is also lightweight which prevents an increase in the weight of the shoe with an increase in the quality.

The shoes also use a memory foam insole and extra padding that prevents you from having any kind of discomfort. Besides comfort durability is equally important. But now you don’t have to worry as the TPR soles are very durable and can be used for rough and tough use.

✅ Versatile Shoe Styles

This is an important feature of the Toesmith footwear. When we talk about shoes, many shoe styles cross our minds. But it will be hard for you to be satisfied if you get all the best features but in a shoe style that you don’t like or don’t wish to buy. Toesmith is the best when you are dealing with this issue.

They have provided many different shoe styles that you can avail yourself of with all the amazing features and designs you have been looking for. Toesmith gives you a choice to choose between styles like slip-on, lace-on, high ankle, slider, and mules. You can choose the one that suits your personality and the type of outfits you wear.

✅ Made in India

Here comes the best point about Toesmith. If you are an Indian, you don’t have to worry about the manufacturing country of Toesmith as they are proudly made in India.

Toesmith sneakers are specially designed for the citizens of India taking into consideration the lifestyle and type of atmosphere the shoes will be exposed to. Toesmith is the first home-grown footwear brand. All the shoes are handcrafted and manufactured in India with love.

toesmith reviews customised shoes online india

What is Toesmith

Toesmith is a brand that provides high-quality design printed shoes. These are canvas shoes using TPR sole and medium foamed insole for proving a high-level comfort. Toesmith, being an Indian developed brand, gives all features that are best suited for the Indian consumers, the wear and tear of the shoes is also high that making it usable in rough conditions too.


Whenever we look for something full of amazing qualities and looks, it is always out of our budget. But this is not the case with Toesmith Footwear. The Toesmith shoes are available in an affordable range despite all the amazing features they provide. The pricing varies according to the type of design and style of shoe you choose.


toesmith reviews customised shoes online india

Toesmith has over twenty thousand users to date. The reviews of the users are very supportive of the brand and also positive. Toesmith shoes are highly recommended by their users for the best level of quality, comfort and durability provided. Toesmith is now replacing the old shoes with a spice of fashion and amazing quality shoes.


Toesmith sneakers, besides being lightweight and comfortable, are available in a versatile range of designs. The sneaker is made from absolutely comfortable and relaxing material. Whether you are a rough user or a smooth user doesn’t matter when it comes to Toesmith, as they are specially made for rough and tough use.

These shoes use lightweight TPR soles which lessens the entire weight of the shoes. Many such amazing features increase the demand for these sneakers. Despite being loaded with many amazing qualities, they are available in a reasonable and affordable range. This attracts more customers to this footwear.


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