5 Unique Ideas to Impress Your Date

Impress Your Date

Going on a date? Need some unique ideas to impress them? Look no further! Here are five different ways you can impress your date.

1. Make Them Feel Safe

An integral part of any relationship is to feel like you can share and be with your partner safely. Most women have an innate desire to feel safe with their significant other. One way to make them feel safe is to show them that you can handle a rifle. A great way to impress them with your rifle skills is to take them to the gun range. This can allow you to showcase your skills and assist your date in learning to handle a rifle, as well. This would allow her to feel safe with you and because of you—you would be gaining brownie points for both!

2. Order Dessert First

Need a special way to insert some excitement into the dating scene? Whether you are planning to have dessert at the restaurant or to go to a separate venue, have dessert first! Enjoying dessert before the meal and having a good conversation with your date to break the ice will set the tone for the evening. Instead of having vibes of anxiety, create a fun time where you both feel like kids. There is something special about eating dessert before dinner; probably because we were always taught that dessert came last. Make it feel like you are living on the dangerous side of things by breaking this age-old “rule.” This will set the stage to be fun and enjoy one another’s company while also being respectful of yourself and your date.

Unique Ideas to Impress Your Date
How to Impress a Date

3. Volunteer Together

Want to catch your date’s eye? Plan a volunteer opportunity together. Not only will you be helping someone in need, but you will be creating an environment where you and your date can connect on a deeper level. Selflessly doing something for someone else opens conversation and vulnerabilities you may not have even recognized were within you. Having these come to the surface with your date will show you are serious and are willing to go the distance with them. It also will allow them to see your caring heart for others, which will make their heart melt.

4. Go to a Pet Store

Want to put a big smile on your date’s face? If your date is a pet lover, you should plan a trip to a pet store or humane society! Even if you are not yet wanting to adopt, looking at the sweet pets and giving them some love will make your date think you are a softie! This will gain you some brownie points with her. If you need a pro tip, also sign up for a day to volunteer with them and follow through with suggestion number three above. You will gain even more appreciation with your date this way.

5. Shop Local

Even if you and your date live in different areas, you will be able to visit one another and show each other around town. Show your support for your hometown by going on a “shop local” date. This can include dinner at a local restaurant, a walk in a local park, getting coffee at a local coffee shop, or even taking a stroll through downtown and visiting the various shops open there. Oftentimes, there are local festivities like farmer’s markets, fall festivals, and concerts that you can plan your date around. Taking the time to support your local businesses will open many conversations for you and your date. You will be able to share memories from your childhoods. You will be able to meet new people and make friends in your area. This unique date will open many opportunities for you to connect and make new memories.

Going on dates can feel nerve-wracking and challenging, especially when you are trying to impress your date with something unique. Taking the time to plan a date that is outside of the norm can help fuel new conversations and create lasting bonds between you and your date. Try out some of these ideas the next time you go out and see how they can change the dating scene for you!


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