Ever gone on holiday and arrived at your destination more frazzled than when you left home? You’ve booked that longed for family holiday, done the family holiday shop, packed your bags and you’re off! But have you considered how you’re going to get to the airport? Or what happens if you’re on a 6am flight with small children? Have you remembered to book the holiday insurance? We’ve teamed up with Holiday Extras to come up with a comprehensive check list of all the things you’ll need to ensure your holiday is as hassle free and relaxing as you’d dreamed it would be.

Airport Hotels

Ever booked at 7am flight and then suddenly realised that means getting up at 3am to be at the airport for check in at 5am? Why not book at hotel at the airport and get a good night’s sleep instead?

Airport parking

My number one travel mistake has to be booking cheap airport parking through an airline only to arrive at the airport and realise that the reason it was cheap was because the parking was a good 40 minutes from the airport and the bus only came every half an hour. Plus we had to leave my car keys with the company and so by the time we’d filled in the paperwork and handed over our car keys we’d missed the bus and had to wait another 30 minutes! It was a truly stressful experience. So my top tip would be book airport parking at the airport where buses usually run every 10 minutes or so and you can even upgrade to valet parking.

Airport lounges

There’s nothing quite like an airport lounge to make you feel important on your holiday (that and flying first or business but not many of us can afford that with kids!). Delicious food and drinks, newspapers and magazines, comfy chairs and a relaxing atmosphere – the perfect start to your holiday! Now you can pre-book entry into a lounge and enjoy all this without paying for the business or first class ticket!

Holiday Insurance

Remembering to book the holiday insurance is always a challenge in my house. With Holiday Extras you can do it at the same time as booking the airport parking or hotel.

Airports by rail

Thought about travelling to the airport by rail? It’s quick, convenient, avoids the risk of traffic jams and you can save money on parking at the airport. Jump on at your nearest station and hop off at the airport.

Happy holidays!