Essential Tips for Bodybuilding Contest Preparation

Bodybuilding Contest Preparation

Every year there are hundreds of body building contests organized across the country and the number of bodybuilding competition is increasing day by day. For bodybuilding contest preparation, there are many requirements like you need to reduce your fat and build mass muscles. In this case, you have to reduce calorie intake, and go for some strength training and cardio exercises. There are some supplements available to build your body and mass muscles, but most of them are not approved by the governing bodies. Using these supplements can harm your body and you can suffer from numerous health problems.

Different Types of Supplements for Bodybuilding Contest Preparation:

For bodybuilding contest prep program, dietary restriction and modification is necessary, and you need to reduce your calorie for weight loss. For example, every pound of your body contains around 3500 calorie and if you reduce at least 500 calories in your everyday diet plan then you can reduce up to one pound every week. Apart from that, you need to increase your protein intake for the bodybuilding contest prep program because proteins can provide energy to your body, and it will help you in strength training. But you need to decide your diet plan according to your body type. If you have a lean body, then you need to increase your protein intake and you can reduce your protein intake if you are obese. Plus, you need to maintain a proper balance in your diet plan and add enough carbohydrate and fat to fuel up your muscles.

bodybuilding contest preparation

You can use some supplement for your bodybuilding contest preparation. There are different types of food supplements available, such as creatine, beta-alanine, Beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate, amino acid, Citrulline malate and Glutamine. You need to choose the best one according to your body type and you can consult with your instructor in this regard. For example, creatine is the safest body supplement available in the market and it does not have any side effect. You can use this supplement to increase your strength and mass muscles. On the other part, you can increase the power of your skeleton muscles by taking beta-alanine, and you can use it for cardio exercises. HMB or Beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate is a kind of amino acids that can increase muscle protein synthesis.

For natural bodybuilding contest preparation, you can take balanced chain amino acids. It is widely used by natural bodybuilders, and it can help you to increase the muscle proteins and decrease the skeleton muscle protein digression. Glutamine is also a natural supplement that can help you in bodybuilding contest preparation prep and you can increase your energy level by taking this supplement on a regular basis. It is mostly used by athletics. Apart from these supplements, you can also intake caffeine as pre-workout stimulant. It can give you instant energy and you can use it before you hit the gym.

Steps to Follow for Bodybuilding Competition:

Before you go for a bodybuilding contest preparation, you need to prepare your skin. If you have poor tan then you cannot win a bodybuilding competition, and you need to remove dead skin cells and you must shave your body before you hit the stage. In this case, you should use a blade razor to shave your body and do not use an electric razor or trimmer to remove your body hair.

bodybuilding contest preparation


It is best to hire a professional trainer to help you with the bodybuilding competition preparation because even if you know a thing or two, you are not aware of all the aspects of body building. there are many things about body building that are part of the competition like the tan skin, clothes, competition guidelines, bodybuilding contest prep diet plan etc.

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