Top 20 Body Muscle Training Tips and Their Benefits

Body Muscles Training Tips

Body Muscle Training Tips and Their Benefits

In a world that is flattered by the health care industry, individuals are always looking out for the best ways to learn how to build muscle fast and develop a body that is lean, athletic, ribbed and muscular. Let’s have a look at the top twenty muscle training tips one can adopt in their daily or weekly routines that will offer them the body that they have always desired.

1. Don’t Be Stronger Than You Appear

A lot of people workout under the common misconception that they can do more than what their body can handle. It is for this reason that they push themselves to the limit so as to bench a few pounds more and run a few miles further. However, the best of professionals in the world of bodybuilding say that it is imperative that one ensures that their bodies are one with their mind. This means that individuals need to work out just the right amount that they can handle and not push themselves over the top in order to build muscle fast.

2. Split those Routines Up

All through our lives, we have been told that a balanced life is the way to live. This renders itself to be the same in the gym as well. Mixing those workout routines with diverse forms of exercise, body building, and weight lifting is the ideal way to get your desired results. It has been proven that to build muscle fast, split routines in workouts delivers better results than fixed ones.

3. Abs with Squats

Getting ripped abs and that much desired six-pack is going to take some effort. Don’t expect to see results overnight. It has been noticed that most individuals tend to fail in helping their abdominal muscles get accustomed with new workout scenarios. If you want to see those abs develop, it is best recommended that you start squatting and tightening up those abdominal muscles. If you can push yourself a little more, try out dead-lifting.

4. Cables and Weights

Cables are simply dumbbells that have been redesigned to look cool. So if your gym does not have a cable machine to lift up weights, don’t worry. You can still get the best body around by lifting up some dumbbells. However, if you plan on working out on certain parts of your body, cable pulleys are sure going to help you out.

5. Dumbbells are there for a Reason

There are a lot of fitness instructors that believe lifting up rocks and carcasses is the best way to getting a rugged body. Unless you are training for a bull fight, its best advised to stick with dumbbells. Dumbbells are crafted in such a way that they provide the muscles of the body with balanced support. Dumbbells are the way to go if you want to build muscle fast.

6. Trying out Super Squats

If you want to get toned up perfectly and if basic squatting is not yielding the results you want, its best advised that you give yourself a try at super squatting. Basically, you need to take three deep breaths for 10 seconds each in between every 20 set squat that you do. It’s going to pain and make it hard to breathe, but if you can cough up a lung at the end of every set, give yourself a pat on the back.

7. Bench Pressing

Ask anyone, what can I do about my chest and they will say bench press. It’s a given fact that if you are looking out for a way to get those wings to look good, throw on some weights and start lifting them off your chest. Weight benches are an essential piece of equipment for any person looking to improve their muscle strength. Weight benche is a great way to increase your bench press. It is commonly used for weight training, weights, and stability.

8. Stretch those Quads

Taking alternative workout routines, stretch out your quadriceps and mix in some dead-lifting for your hamstrings. Not many people know this but their quadriceps are well connected with their hamstrings and mixing up these two workout routines will complement each other quite well.

9. For your Hamstrings

If you take a look at your legs and feel that you need to work out on those hamstrings, head on over to the leg curl machine at your gym. Basically, your aim is to perform higher reps with your legs that are stiff such as in a dead-lift. Not only will this help your thighs build muscle get that amazing look, but it will also straighten out your spinal region as well.

10. Rep it Up

Whatever you do, it is imperative that you rep up your workout patterns. This basically means that you need to give your body its desired rest before you move on to your next set. Ideally, a rep should last for two to three minutes till one’s breathing returns back to normal.

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11. Variety is the Spice of Life

Why bore yourself and your body by following the same program day in and day out. Mix those workout routines a little and see how you enjoy your training sessions. Additionally, the more you expose different parts of your body to a good workout, the faster will you be able to build muscle and get your desired results.

12. The Barbell Row

While the barbell row seems like something that can develop a good posture, it can have a negative effect by using up the glutes and quads of the lower back instead of working on the lats and flexors of the elbow. The best alternative in this regard would be to use a one arm barbell row to work on individual parts of the body.

13. Doing the Upper Body Squat

The chin-up and its variations is the most popular form of training where it helps develop the upper body. It is typically a form of squatting and is considered to be at the apex of mass muscle building. Chin-ups not only help develop the upper body but on the whole they help build muscle in the biceps and pronator teres as well.

14. Add Little More

When you have a little muscle to show, it is best recommended that you measure up your arms and legs and keep track of it. For every inch that you gain, add at least fifteen pounds of additional weights in your next workout session. The goal here is to help acclimatize your body to handling more weight and not pushing it over the limit in order to further build muscle.

15. Grow those Biceps Up

Grasping the chin up bar and pulling yourself to heaven is the way to get those biceps that you have always wanted. Make sure that the palms of your hands are facing you on the bar and your fingers are spread out evenly. Hang down and then pull yourself up with your chin just hitting the top of the bar. If your arms don’t grow, mix up your workout.

16. Triceps Anyone?

The best way to get those triceps bulging out is to indulge your body into a few press-downs. The downside of press-downs is that it only offers triceps growth. However, if you want to develop your triceps and at the same time work on other parts of the body, it is strongly advised that you look into parallel dips and seated ez-bar French presses.

17. Traps To Give You Wings

Traps look incredible if you are able to give them time to grow. They are the easiest muscles in the body that can grow pretty fast provided you are able to give them their attention. Most people tend to perform dual barbell shrugs. However, if you can split it up, individual shrugs will help the trap build muscle quickly.

18. Calf on The Donkey

Calves are a part of the body which look sexy provided they are worked upon with ease. The goal here is to avoid putting too much stress on the calves as it can rupture something somewhere. Using the donkey calf raise or the dumbbell one legged calf raise, you can build muscle quickly and get the results you want.

19. Inch Upon those Calves

All it takes is 30 days to get your calves to look firmer and feel tighter. If you want to do this, start cycling 16 sets a day with around 250 reps. Alternatively, you can also do 8 sets a day with around 90 reps. It will work.

20. Double Up that Workout

There is a French term called Doublé used widely in training which basically means doing things twice. It is ideally formulated for individuals that want to give more attention to a training session they are weak at. This is applicable at the beginning and at the end of each day’s training program. For example, if you have weak abdominal muscles, you should begin your workout with squats and end it again with squats.

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