Europe Budget Travel Guide From India Under 1 Lakh INR [1400 USD] For 15 Days!


Traveling to Europe is a dream of many people. The exuberant cost of the trip prevents a majority to put off their plans. For those you have been wishing to plan an economical trip to Europe, you should read this post. We have provided some effective tips by which you can realize your long-cherished dream without burning a hole in your pocket.

budget trip to europe from india

Europe Budget Travel Guide From India

Watch Out For Best Travel Deals

Different tour operators bring different tour package deals to stay competitive in the market and get more customers. So, you need to do a good comparison to find out the best deal for you. Even you can find alluring hostel offers, and flight deals, and hotel to dodge high price tags. An advance planning would really benefit you in finding the deal within your budget.

15 days europe tour itinerary from india

Choose The Right Season

If you want to save money, then it is advised not to choose the peak season. Instead, pick the offseason when there will not be much crowd and the prices of accommodation, travel, etc. will be low. The best time for people planning for a budget trip to Europe is in the summer season between May to July.

Choose The Right Countries

Pick those countries that you can visit internally by road without requiring to travel within cities. This will save your time and money. A good idea is to choose countries located in Central Europe and then move on to Eastern Europe.

Following is the tour that would not just get you an interesting experience of Europe, but also do not strain your budget. Delhi – Vienna (Austria) — Budapest (Hungary) —Prague (Czech Republic) —Krakow (Poland)—Warsaw (Poland) —Vilnius (Lithuania) —Return via Istanbul(Turkey) —Delhi

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Flight Tickets

A large part of the money goes into booking the flights (to and fro) from India. Compare and capitalize on the best deals and discount offers introduced by flight sites. Keeping a watch on the flight fare ahead of 3 months will increase your chance of getting the lowest rates.

Europe Budget Travel Guide From India

Internal travel in Europe

It is economical to purchase a EuroRail Pass when you are planning to travel mostly in Western and Central parts of Europe. It depends on your duration of the tour and the places you want to visit.

You can opt for low-cost European carrier Wizz Air or Ryanair, trains, and buses. If you can manage luggage below ten kgs, then you can easily fly as low as 20 USD to different European nations quickly and affordably.

Europe Budget Travel Guide From India Under 1 Lakh INR


This is one of the areas where your expenses can shoot up. To avoid any such happening, you must plan for cheaper accommodation options such as Hostels, and free stay via Couchsurfing (a travel community).


In place of going to restaurants, you can buy Indian snacks from supermarkets, and grocery shops. Most bnbs and hostels provide the facility to travelers to cook by themselves. This will help you cut on food expense.

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