How to Use the 3/7 Method for Hypertrophy, According to Ilija Jahura?


The 3/7 method is a newer concept involving a set-rep scheme. Created by a French strength coach named Emmanuel Legeard, it combines relatively heavy weight with brief rest periods for efficient results. Here’s how Ilija Jahura has used this method for hypertrophy to incredible success and how you can too.

What Does the 3/7 Method Look Like?

You can start using the 3/7 method once you’ve warmed up. For this set-rep scheme, you’ll want to choose a weight with which you can do roughly 12 reps. The set looks like this:

  • Three reps, 15-second rest
  • Four reps, 15-second rest
  • Five reps, 15-second rest
  • Six reps, 15-second rest
  • Seven reps, 150-second rest (2.5 minutes)

You can then repeat each step two more times.

How Does the Method Grow Muscle?

The concept of the 3/7 method is similar to the one behind blood-flow restriction training: Shorter intervals when weight training are said to create more fatigue-related metabolites like hydrogen ions and lactate. The metabolic stress leads to anabolic signaling, eventually leading to muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth).

Studies on the 3/7 method are still ongoing, but the hypothesis is sound. It’s also an attractive method for its ratio of time efficiency to muscle hypertrophy, making it an excellent choice for anyone who worries about having enough time to get their gains into their busy day.

How Can You Use This Method?

If you’re ready to try the 3/7 method for hypertrophy, Ilija Jahura recommends a few things before you start. 

Choose the Correct Weight

Don’t pick a weight with the goal of looking impressive; you won’t make it the full three sets. You should aim for a weight that you can do roughly 12 reps with or around 70% of your 1RM. If you fail to hit your reps toward the end of the scheme, you’re probably using a decent weight for an exercise like this.

Adjust for Experience

If you’re still getting used to weight training, you probably won’t need more than the first one or two sets before you start to give out. You’ll likely still get many fantastic benefits that way, so don’t push yourself if you’re noticing any pain or excessive discomfort. Those with more experience should do all three rounds to get optimal results.

Don’t Skip the Rests

Fight the urge to push past the 15-second rests to “go hard.” Part of the reason the 3/7 method works is because of the calculated rest timings, so respect them, including the 150-second rest. And for those having a tough time, fight the urge to rest longer here for the same reason.

Who Is Ilija Jahura?

Ilija Jahura is a fitness and health expert working with clients in Kelowna, British Columbia. Over the years, he’s developed countless diet, cardio, hypertrophy, and strength training programs with each of his client’s unique goals in mind. His passion for giving them everything they need to feel powerful and confident with their bodies has driven all of his success.


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