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The Story Of Anupam Karan - A Bong Men

Hello there,

My name Anupam Karan, I am descended from a middle-class family. My memories about my childhood is the motivation for me to be a rich man and make my parents proud of me.

My Simple Family

My father were a hard working man. He was working too many hours every day to just provide us the simple life requirements like food and clothing.

As I was seeing my father came every night to home with a lot of stresses and tiredness, I wanted very much to help him. I started to check what are the jobs that can give me a lot of money for me and my family. I realized that Doctors are getting good income and also people respect them so my goal at this moment was to be a doctor.

I joined a local school with one thing in my mind- I want to be a doctor. Day after day, I started to find that I have a passion to another thing, I was fascinated by computer and mobile phones. I could spend a lot of time in front of my friends’ phones and computers. I started to read a lot about computer and mobile technology. My happiest time was when one of my friends has a problem with his mobile and I fix it for him.

My Dream Goal Changed

I made sure that I won’t be a good doctor, working with computer and technology had become my dream goal. I quit the idea of being a doctor and started to focus on the computer science field.

I was studying very hard especially the subjects related to computer science I can’t imagine how sad I was when the result of my 10th grade class (WBBSE Madhyamik) appeared and I found myself missed star marks for only 20 marks. I was sad because I was very tired during the exams period and I wasn’t focused 100%, so I imagined that if I wasn’t sick and was fully focused, I would get full mark.

I began to get attention from my teachers and friends, they supported me a lot and offered help and guidance.

Moving to Another school

I had to move to another school that teaches computer science at 12th grade. I stayed at a hostel. I got a lot of new friends and teachers that helped me. I was inspired by a roommate who was techy. I started to be inspired by reading technical magazines and check the latest inventions and so on.

I completed my Higher Secondary Education (W.B.C.H.S.E) from Jangal para B.C. Kundu Memorial High School.

Obstacles in the Path

After I finished my high school, I wanted to go to university and apply for computer Science College. The problem was that there was a local political war in my home area and I couldn’t continue my education for 2 years.

After that 2 years, my family couldn’t afford my higher education costs so I had to apply for bank loan to complete my education.

I joined college (Bengal School of Technology & Management) which is under Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (Formerly known as WBUT) as Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) student.

I learned a lot of things during college, I was very interested in Ethical Hacking and I was always trying to help others with my skills. One of best my friend Dipankar Pual supported and helped me a lot. I have done many projects during college with different programing language such as C#. ASP.NET and Android Game Platform.

After College

After I finished my higher education, I thought that life will be easier and I will find a job easily. Unfortunately, it wasn’t like that. I applied for many many jobs with no result. Most of the top companies are looking for people with experience, they don’t trust fresh graduated students.

On the other side, my family financial condition wasn’t good so I had to find a way to help them. They had been waiting for me to get a job and help them.

Online Business is Always Available

After all my frustrated attempts to find a job, I decided to go to online business and offer my services online. The internet opened its doors to me and I became a full-time freelancer. I learned about SEO, WordPress, Internet marketing, Web design and How to make money online. Now I build websites for myself and make money from them. My current income still small but I am able to pay my bank loan. I am working too hard with one hope that one day I will achieve all my goals.

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