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Malvani Language Konkani language

Malvani language has a number of unique characteristics that are worth noting, such as its standing as a dialect of Konkani, its geographical spread, popular culture, and language sentences.

Konkani Language

India is a mixture of diverse cultures, religions, and beliefs with uncountable languages. Indo Aryan and Dravidian are the two main languages that are spoken by more than 90% of the people of India. Konkani is the southern Indo-Aryan language spoken by the people of Maharashtra and Goa on the west coast of India. The word Konkani means “from the Konkan”. And the word Konkan means corner (Kona) and part of the Earth (Kana). According to the 8th schedule of the Indian Constitution, Konkani is one of the 22 scheduled languages. In 1992, it was included as the official language of the Indian state of Goa and a minority language in Karnataka, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Diu. It highlights the details of Vedic structures and exposes the similarities of both western and eastern Indo-Aryan languages. The earliest inscriptions in Konkani are dated 1187 A.D, and the language itself is believed to be several centuries older. Konkani language is spoken by 0.20% people of the Indian population.


Writing Systems

People from different regions write Konkani in various scripts. It has numerous dialects and is divided among religions. Konkani Hindu people from Goa and Maharashtra use the Devanagari script. The people from Karnataka use the Kannada script. Kokani Christians in Goa uses Roman script. The people of Konkani Muslims use Arabic script. And, Konkani people from Kerala use the Malayalam script. The official Script of the Konkani people is Devanagari and is used by most of the speakers.

Malvani Language

Malvani Language

Malvani language words are commonly used in Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri. It is a dialect of Konkani that does not have any unique script. This language is interesting, with each Malvani language sentence having a distinct pitch. It has great significance in Marathi’s influences and loanwords. Malvani language is very popular that is often used for newspaper articles and dramas. There are more than 40 dialects of Konkani; a few of them are Karawari, Honnavari, Chitpavani, Siddi, Keralan, Saxtti, Antruz, Bardez, Malvani Konkani, Maharashtrian Konkani, Nawayati, Mangalorean.

The Census Board of India and the ISO labeled this language as an authorized language in Maharashtra’s southern Konkan region. Machhindra Kambli’s Vastraharan drama, Zee Marathi’s Ratris Khel Chale, Ratris Khel Chale 2, and Gav Gata Gazali television series are all excellent examples of popular Malvani Konkani culture.

The following are some English translations to Malvani that may contentment your interest in learn Malvani language.

learn malvani language

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