NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review [Hair Removal Cream]

NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor: Safe Way To Get Permanent Relief From Unwanted Hair

NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review

Safe Way To Get Permanent Relief From Unwanted Hair

NEUD natural hair inhibitor is a safe and effective product that help you get rid of unwanted hair easily. This advance formulation permanently removes hair growth on different areas of the body. It is a next-generation formula, that aims at the origin of the hair shaft. It deactivates the activities of the hair bulb that is responsible for the growth of hair. This gentle formula penetrates deep into the sac of the hair follicle to limit the growth of unwanted hair on the body.

NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review
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Product Details

⦿ Weight: It is available in an 80 grams bottle.
⦿ Packaging: NEUD natural hair inhibitor is packaged in a sleek transparent bottle with a pump dispenser.
⦿ Texture: It has a cream-like texture.
⦿ Color and Fragrance: The product is pastel yellow in colour. It has a mild and a very pleasant fragrance.
⦿ Shelf Life: It comes with a shelf life is two years from the date of manufacture.
⦿ Use: It appropriate for both Men and Women of all types of skin.
⦿ Price: INR 1499 only.
⦿ Availability: This product is available only online shopping marketplaces. Some of the popular online stores where you can get it are:
• Amazon
• Flipkart
• Nykaa

Product Ingredients:

The product label states that the “Natural hair inhibitor” by NEUD is 100% Ayurvedic, organic and natural product. Some of the key ingredients present in it are Sunflower Oil, Glycerine, and Papaya. It is a harmless product that is completely devoid of paraben and other chemical products. Due to the natural composition, it does not cause any side effects on a person.

What Does This Product Claims?

The manufacturing company of the product “NEUD” states following impressive actions of the product as:

‣ Permanent reduction of hair growth
‣ Lessen need of removal of hair
‣ Provide smooth looking skin for a longer period
‣ Painless
‣ Appropriate for all types of skin

How does NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor work?

NEUD natural hair inhibitor is based on the powerful PDR technology that works on the principle of “Penetrate, Deactivate and Retard”. These three actions help in the permanent removal of hair after its application. The advanced formulation of the product is made from organic compounds and natural plant extracts that inhibit the growth of hair. By penetrating into the hair follicle sac, it limits the development of undesirable body hair. This painless and fast action method just takes ten to twelve weeks of time to get rid of unwanted hair.

What makes NEUD natural hair inhibitor superior than other hair removal creams?

There are several favourable things that makes NEUD natural hair removal cream the ideal bet for your use.

🗹 The ingredients are soothing on the skin and removes hair without causing any pain.
🗹 Furthermore, the product works at the root level. It targets the hair shaft as well as hair root. When the cream is applied on the skin, it sinks through the skin and neutralizes the ability of hair bulb to grow hair.
🗹 Due to its permanent action, you no longer require to go through the discomfort of periodic hair removals via shaving, waxing or other hair removal creams.

NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review
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What is the procedure to apply the NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor cream?

NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor is safe to use on complete face (including ear and chin), arms, and legs. To use this harm removal product, first of all you need to wax or shave that particular body region that has unwanted hair. Now when you shave off the region, the skin pores of that area will open up. Now it is the right time to apply the hair inhibitor cream. All you need is to take a sufficient amount of the cream on your palm. Now massage the area with this cream just like how you apply a moisturizer.

As the skin pores are open after hair removal, this cream will penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin and impacts the hair root that is responsible for the hair growth. By disabling their activity, this cream is an all-natural and impressive way to stop unwanted hair growth on that area. You can also try other products.

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My Experience with NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor:

By completing the course of application, I noted a visible difference in my skin. My hair growth started to reduce, and the hair quality began to thin, and eventually led to permanent hair reduction. There are no side effects. My skin feels great. I feel so confident now. Thanks to NEUD natural hair inhibitor cream. I would recommend this product to everyone.

To get the best results, you need to apply this cream for a minimum of five to seven days once in the daytime and once in the night time. Do this without any break for a period of twelve to fourteen weeks to get softer and smoother skin naturally.

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