Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser Review [Latest]

Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser Review

Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser Review

A Flawless Product for Feminine Intimate Care

Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser…oh yes!!! This is one of the new effective and quality products from Everteen, that ranks India’s largest variety of premium sanitary essentials for comprehensive feminine hygiene. This brand with a quality product is assigned to solve all intimate and menstrual hygiene issues for women. The Everteen Menstrual Cup is extremely comfortable to use and gives the privilege to perform all our works effortlessly. Favourite games and outdoor activities like yoga, dancing, swimming, etc. can be performed very efficiently. The Everteen Menstrual Cup is made of medical-grade silicone and is soft, easy, 100% reliable to use without any type of skin irritation and no health risks related to their use have been found.

Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser

These reusable menstrual cups are eco-friendly and can be used for long 10 years. It doesn’t require frequent remove and reinserts compared to the constant changing of sanitary pads. These Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser helps to clean and sanitize the menstrual cup within just a few minutes. These Menstrual Cup Cleanser from Everteen is specially formulated to provide a perfect cleaner and sanitizes the menstrual cup. The constant use of the menstrual cup or by keeping it in the outer atmosphere can attract germs and microbes that stick on to its surface. This unique Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser helps to clean every trash, stains or residues to protect from getting any infection while using the menstrual cup and thus reduces the risk affecting factors.

Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser Review

Product Details

⦿ Name: Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser With Plants Based Formula for Women
⦿ Quantity: This product comes in a 200 ml.
⦿ Weight: 0.325 kg.
⦿ Price: INR 360 only.
⦿ Gender: Women
⦿ Country of Origin: India
⦿ Vendor: Wet and Dry Personal Care Pvt Ltd.
⦿ Availability: This product is available on many online shopping marketplaces and you can directly be purchased within the famous brand website www.everteen.co.in.

Product Ingredients:

• Aqua
• Acidum Citricum
• Sodium Benzoate
• Sodium Citrate
• Potassium Sorbate
• Lemon Oil
• Palm Kernel
• Crodasinic LS30

Benefits of Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser

🗹 This Menstrual Cup Cleanser helps to clean and disinfect the menstrual cup within a few minutes.
🗹 It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties with 100% natural active ingredients.
🗹 The unique natural plant-based formula works perfectly to clean tough stains.
🗹 The outer surface of the menstrual cup gets protected with this special brush that comes with this Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser.
🗹 It helps to maintain softness for a longer time.
🗹 Works perfect for women’s health and hygiene care.
🗹 It gives comprehensive relief and peace of mind throughout the menstruation days.
🗹 Its soft bristles keep the surface of your menstrual cup safe from scratches

Methods to Use Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser

Everteen Menstrual cup is considered the safest, healthiest and easiest way of the menstrual hygiene arrangement. These everteen menstrual cups are very suitable, convenient and comfortable to be used. These methods should be followed to use Everteen Menstrual cup cleanser:

→ 10ml Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser needs to be added with 200ml water in a container.
→ The menstrual cup needs to be immersed in this solution for around 5 minutes.
→ The brush helps to stir the solution and wash the cup from the inner and outer sides.
→ Then the cup should be rinsed completely with clean water.
→ An amount of 2ml of Everteen cleanser can be directly added to a menstrual cup filled with water and the above steps can be continued.

Before and After Care

The Everteen Natural Intimate Wash should be always used to clean the exterior of the intimate areas before and after using the Everteen Menstrual Cup regularly. Washing the intimate areas with soap or shampoo should be avoided to block and prevent infections or a pH imbalance. It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties with100% natural fresh ingredients. This Cleanser comes with a unique brush that protects the menstrual cup, without damaging the outer surface. This Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser is a quality product from Everteen, which is famous for creating innovative health and hygiene products.

Safety Information

It is recommended for external use only. If accidentally this cleanser gets contact with eyes, it should be washed immediately with plenty of freshwaters. It should be kept away from the reach of your children. It needs to be stored at room temperature and should be avoided from direct sunlight. If the menstrual cup is used for the first time it is advised to use Everteen 100% cotton-top daily panty liners. The reason is to provide a backup until one is enough comfortable in inserting and removing the cup. This safety information will prevent our clothes from the risk of overflow while removing and reinserting the Everteen Menstrual Cup during initial usage. Hence, it is suggested not to spend money on tampons or sanitary napkins per month and save some money by adopting menstrual cups. The colour of Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser may differ because of natural plant-based ingredients.


Due to the stress and concern about the method of inserting the cup and the discomfort of the old rubber patterns, these cups were restricted from being widely used. And, now this quality product of menstrual cup cleanser from Everteen has recently enhanced the usage of Menstrual cup with the upgraded and advanced design and soft silicone composition. It is awesome and acts as a booster for ladies who fear going out on those days. The usage of this menstrual cup cleanser can change life as a miracle and promotes a hassle-free life on those days.

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